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Forge USA Heat Treating Capabilities

Heat treating is an established technique for preventing fracturing that employs carefully controlled heating and cooling to alter the physical and chemical properties of metals without fully changing their shapes.

To provide optimal enhancement of the selected alloy material, our use advanced  technology, including sophisticated controllers that monitor and augment the furnace burner operations to maintain a constant temperature throughout the heat treat process. Our proven system includes a combination of tilt face, car bottom, and box furnaces, as well as tanks that use both water and polymer quenching for increased flexibility and maximum hardening of our many different alloys.

Forge USA has two fully equipped facilities dedicated to providing heat treating services. Each facility is equipped with 12 box furnaces and 2 car bottom furnaces that have load zones ranging in size from 60" x 60" x 58" to 100" x 140" x 50".

Advanced Steel and Metal Quenching

Quenching is the rapid cooling of steel and metal alloys to harden the metal and provide additional strength. Using custom software, our advanced quenching system allows us to monitor all characteristics of the material being treated throughout the cooling process to attain the ideal temper, strength, and integrity for the material. Our quenching capabilities include the following:

  • Large water and polymer quenching systems handling a variety of configurations and sizes.
  • Reversible polars (pulling-pushing) to support even cooling.
  • Calibrated regularly.

For longer pieces or specialty items that require oil quenching, we contract with trusted local vendors to provide the appropriate services while maintaining our high standard of quality.