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Rough Machining Facility - Brookshire, TX

Rough machining is the shaping of forged materials to meet the precise requirements of a given project. By using forged stock rather than raw metal, our machining results in a higher quality, refined product with greater density, hardness, strength, and mechanical properties. We are able to offer these expert machining capabilities with rapid delivery times due to our proven processes, advanced machining equipment, and a professional staff with more than 200 years of combined experience.

Advanced Rough Machining Equipment

To ensure that we are able to deliver large and complex orders on time and to specifications, our rough machining facility includes four high-volume cranes: two with 10-ton capacities and two with 30-ton capacities. Our facility also includes the following tools for fast, accurate, and precise processing:

  • Rockford Planer Mill: 72" Wide Table, 65' Long
  • G&L Planer Mill: 48" Wide Table, 18' Long
  • LeBlond Boring Lathe: 28"OD, 40' Long
  • LeBlond Lathe: 25"OD, 60' Long
  • Vantage Hollow Spindle Lathe: 28"OD
  • Military Grade Hone: 60' Long
  • Betts CNC Lathe: 72" Swing, 20' Long, 100 Horsepower
  • Monarch Lathe: 30"ODx20' Long
  • Ingersoll Mill: (4x) 150 Horsepower Heads, 3 20' Tables.
  • Betts Vertical Turning Lathe: Upto 98"
  • Bullard Vertical Turning Lathe: Upto 86"
  • Bullard Vertical Turning Lathe: Upto 76"
  • Bullard Vertical Turning Lathe: Upto 74"
  • Bullard Vertical Turning Lathe: Upto 48"
  • (3x) Duplex Mills: 22"x48" Table
  • Yama Seiki CNC Vertical Boring Mill
  • Bickford Thrustmaster Radial Drill: 34" Column
  • Poreba Horizontal Boring Mill: 150 Horsepower
  • (5x) Lucas CNC Horizontal Boring Mills
  • KBN 4-Axis CNC Horizontal Boring Mill
  • (2x) GNL CNC Horizontal Boring Mills
  • HMC 4-Table CNC Horizontal Boring Mill
  • Rockford 3-Head Mill: 36" Square Table x 110"Long
  • Taiyo Seiki Hollow Spindle Turret Lathe
  • Horizontal Drill: Up to 12"ID x 8' Long
  • 36" HEM Horizontal Saw
  • 48" Kasto Vertical Saw
  • 48-tool changer CNC machining center