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Metallurgical Testing at Forge USA

We perform all metallurgical testing in direct accordance with client specifications and industry code.

    • Metallographic Analysis: Includes analysis of grain size, micro-inclusion content, macro-inclusion content, metallographic phase determination, microhardness, and portable microscopy.
    • Mechanical Testing: Includes testing of tensile, sub-size specimens, CVN, CTOD, SSC, HIC, drop weight, ductility (bend test), hardness (BHN), and corrosion.
    • Other Testing: Includes spectrographic chemical analysis, intergranular corrosion testing, Jominy (hardenability), and post-weld heat treat.

Nondestructive Testing Procedures

We inspect our samples and products using the following nondestructive testing methods to identify any discontinuities:

    • Ultrasonic
    • Magnetic particle
    • Liquid penetration

Forged Metal Testing

The highly advanced testing facility at Forge USA stringently upholds industry standards regarding research, production and quality assurance. As one of the country's premier forging facilities, Forge USA employs only fully qualified and certified personnel with extensive experience in metallurgical testing and analysis. We work closely with a number of well-known and reputable laboratories in the Houston region, all of which are audited every year by Forge USA's Quality Assurance team as well as independent registrars.

Adhering to SNT-TC-1A standards set forth by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Forge USA's testing facility operates on the basis that quality can only be definitively determined via a comprehensive system of evaluation, verification, careful documentation and retesting when a particular sample requires closer scrutiny. This precise attention to detail further demonstrates Forge's commitment to excellence and consistent quality.