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Blowout Preventers

Our Blowout Preventers (BOPs) are manufactured to the highest industry standards. We work with OEMs, repair facilities, and 3rd party contractors to ensure that our BOPs are the most dependable and highest quality on the market.

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forged steel blowout preventers

Forged Blowout Preventers

forged steel square bars

Forged Square Bars

forged steel step shafts

Forged Step Shafts

forged steel round bars

Forged Round Bars

forged steel fluid ends

Forged Fluid Ends

forged steel spools

Forged Steel Spools

forged steel bodies

Forged Steel Bodies

forged steel discs

Forged Steel Discs

forged steel blocks

Forged Steel Blocks

forged steel cylinders

Forged Steel Cylinders

forged steel rings

Forged Steel Rings